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So, how did this Uncle Pokey business get started, anyway?

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Business and Non-Profit Partnerships

“Helping you keep families going… by keeping communication going.”

Family & Children Assistance

Family and Children Assistance Organizations

Contact Uncle Pokey to discuss a donation or fund raising program that’s right for your non-profit organization, prison ministry, or transition center.

Retailers & Distributors

Retailers & Greeting Card Distributors

We have “no cost” start up programs and a simple restocking program. Call to speak to a representative today, and improve your bottom line tomorrow.

Faith Based Inmate Assistance Programs

Faith Based Inmate Assistance Programs

Prison ministries and all faith based inmate and family organizations are urged to call us for very special no-cost or low-cost programs to help your causes.

Commissary Operators Blurb

Correctional Commissary Operators

We have contract pricing for operators to get the best “From Inmates” greeting cards onto store sheets for inmates to send home.

To learn more about becoming a business partner with Uncle Pokey or registering your non-profit organization for donations or fundraising programs, please contact Mike Robinson via email at, or call 888-516-6661, option 2.

“Uncle Pokey is proud to announce our recent partnership with Wal-Mart as an official supplier. Please look for Uncle Pokey greeting cards and Logo Gear at a Wal-mart near you soon!”

Charles Robinson

Chief Administrative Officer, Uncle Pokey Enterprises, LLC

“This is a great product, and I see a great future for Uncle Pokey and the organizations they help..”

Steve Rollins

Author, Lecturer and Global Business Consultant

Our Purpose

        Through personal experience Uncle Pokey, and those that love and support him, learned that incarceration can be a sudden and devastating change in environment and circumstance. Whatever the offense, everyone involved with the correctional system must immediately adjust to a mostly indirect and often supervised communication environment, and to rules that are not designed to be helpful to the inmate or his family.

        Those who support an inmate find themselves in an unfamiliar situation. They are looking for information and support in helping their loved one, but don’t know where to turn. Added to this are the complications (transportation, time from work, etc.) associated with visits to correctional facilities, and the lack of privacy and length of telephone conversations leaves many important things unsaid between an inmate and those who care. This situation often creates a gap between the inmate and their support that only grows over time.

        Our vision is to be a meaningful resource for those separated from loved ones and those separated from Jesus. Uncle Pokey Enterprises exists to bridge the gap between men and woman in prison and those who love and support them through products and services that express the unspoken, share the comedy of life and link them to supporting resources. All to fulfill the call of Jesus – “I was in prison and you came to me.” (Matthew 25:36)

“I am a proud supporter of Wal-mart and Sam’s Club, and glad to be among their growing family of American owned companies and suppliers.”

Uncle Pokey

Chief Creative Officer, Uncle Pokey Enterprises, LLC

“The best greeting card I’ve seen for the encouragement of inmates and their families. Very inspiring.”

James O'Reilly

Prison Ministries Director, Lawrenceville, GA

Bridging the Gap…

If you are associated with a Prison Ministry or Faith-Based fund raising group, please get in touch with Uncle Pokey Enterprises to find out about our special programs to help you in your ministries. See the contact information at the bottom of this page. May God bless the work you do.

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