Original Greeting Card Art

The Sketches & Motivations of Uncle Pokey

Here you just may be able to get a bit of insight into the sense of humor and perspective of Uncle Pokey. But I doubt it.

Almost every one of the several hundred greeting card sketches, cartoon strips, and panel gags that will be posted here over time were drawn in prison while U.P. waited for the day he got out so he could open this website and store. So remember… before you leave, buy something, and a portion of every dollar of profit goes to organizations helping the family and children of inmates, and to prison ministries.

The Spotlight

This is the very first sketch by Uncle Pokey while in the “pokey”. This messy sketch is very dear to U.P.


Grand Opening

This “epiphany” came to U.P. upon having plenty of time to consider why his luck was so bad. Maybe luck wasn’t the problem.


Walls Closing In

     This sense of claustrophobia sets in worst at around 3-6 months, when the realization of the time an inmate has, and will, squander while incarcerated. It doesn’t pass, but you learn to deal with it.

Impossible Journey

Coming to grips with what it will take to put one’s life back together after an inmate gets out can be frightening and seem impossible. If they want to change, it takes time, a thick skin, truckloads of perseverance, and support from every direction.


Failure To Communicate

U.P. got the idea for this card after watching “Cool Hand Luke” during “TV Time” on the weekend. Oddly, inmates love watching prison movies and cop shows. You’d think they would have enough of that!



Five words of obscure advice… “Don’t get sick in prison.” U.P. got the flu (twice), a broken face (twice), and a wisdom tooth pulled. All pretty much healed while still going on work detail. Oh, there was a six-hour break while Doc Holiday (the drunken dentist) pulled the tooth.


The Railroad Song

U.P. sketched this as a joke to his girlfriend after a visit, where he promised to do whatever it took to get back to her. She waited.


Aggy Ann Original Comic Strip

This is the very first three-panel sketch of the “Uncle Pokey & Aggy Ann” Comic Strip by Uncle Pokey. There will be more in this section in the near future.


Many more to come!

New postings every week… original sketches, panel gags, comic strips, greeting card focus groups and more!

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